The Museum of the Confederacy

The Museum of the Confederacy owns the world’s most comprehensive collection of artifacts and documents related to the Confederate States of America. In fact, the museum could be considered the attic of the Confederacy. Three floors of exhibits showcase personal belongings from soldiers and civilians; uniforms, flags, military equipments and weapons from battles both famous and obscure; the majority of Lee’s campaign possessions; and images and artwork from the Confederate era.
A new exhibit “Gettysburg: They walked through blood,” commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. On display are eight Confederate flags captured at Pickett’s Charge, as well as swords and other artifacts from the heroic charge. “Gettysburg: They walked through blood” is on display through September 1,2014.
A National Historic Landmark, the White House of the Confederacy is just steps away from the museum. The former executive mansion of Jefferson Davis has been meticulously restored to its wartime appearance when it served as the social, political and military center for the Confederacy. Located at 1201 E. Clay Street, both the Museum and the White House are open daily 10 AM-5 PM but closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Validation for parking is available in the VCU Medical Center Visitors Parking Deck. Call for information or with questions at (804) 649-1861 or visit our website

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14 Feb 2014

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer